Innovation in technology has the power to change healthcare. Our organization believes in the role of technology shaping our society and in the importance of bringing together young creative minds with leading experts.

SSIMA  is the highest-level annual academic event in Central and Eastern Europe that unites internationally renowed experts in the fields of Medical Imaging, Computer Vision, and Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning with Medical Applications and much more.

SSIMA’s keynote speakers come from the most prestigious universities and research institutes in the world are researchers from world leading companies in medical equipment, interested venture capitalists or entrepreneurs with a track record in the field.

For one week, SSIMA offers a series of lectures and practical workshops on medical technology, discussions on the latest results and current directions in research and hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technologies.

SSIMA’s main target groups are Master and PhD students, post-doctoral students, researchers and young professionals from both academia and industry, domestic and foreign.