7 Comfortable Modern Esthetic Sofa Models Options

7 Comfortable Modern Esthetic Sofa Models Options

Choosing a sofa with various materials is no longer a difficult thing. Nowadays, there are already more and more unique and attractive sofa designs for you to choose from. Surely, the various models you can adjust to the theme of the room in the house. Well, are you looking for a sofa to beautify home decorations? If so, we have some inspirational modern esthetic sofa models specifically for you. Check it out, yuk!

Inspiration of the Modern Sofa Models

Here’s a variety of modern sofa models, minimalist, dan esthetic you can choose from.

1. Brown Color Leather Sofa

The leather sofa constitutes one of the furniture that sapopular ngat. In addition to the sofa design that never decayed time consuming, the sofa model has comfortable materials to use while relaxing at home. Not only that, but the color of the sofa that looks shiny, making the sofa leather material can beautify the room. You can also create an aesthetic atmosphere, when combined with other furniture.

2. Finished L-Shape Sofa

When you have a room that is sufficiently sized large, you could use a sofa with a shape resembling a comfortable letter L. This model will bring a modern impression on the room. You could choose black, gray, and white colors to make the decorations look more luxurious. Put it on the family room to relax while gathering with the closest relatives.

3. Soft Gray Sofa

To create a more aesthetic impression, you can choose a sofa in gray. Choose a sofa with 3 seats and place a cushion that is as high as that to make the room look more elegant. You could put this sofa in the living room to host the invitations that come to the house.

4. Cheery Yellow Sofa

Did you know that yellow can carry suasana cheerful on the room? Yes, you could liven up the atmosphere of the room by presenting this yellow colored sofa. In addition, yellow can also make the room look more modern.

5. Pastel Blue Sofa for Sweetening the Room

Do you feel the room is too dark and tidi’m attractive? If so, you could choose a pastel color sofa, such as blue. This color can make the room look more unique and feel fresh.  In addition, blue is also believed to increase creativity, you know. So, this sofa suits you who have a small child at home.

6. Light Blue Color Multifunction Sofa

This one’s sofa model fits you who are small-sized or minimalist room. Choose a multifunctional sleeping sofa to enhance comfort on the room. You can use it as a comfortable bed as well as a seat if you want to relax with your family.

7. Sleeping Sofa with Unique Design

Not always plain-modeled, sleeping sofa also memIt has a variety of unique and interesting designs. You could choose a sofa with a motif like the picture above. This sofa can make the room feel more lively and colorful.


There comes a wide selection of modern sofas that can be your pick at home. Hope to inspire.

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