8 Family Room Decoration Without Sofa, It's Comfortable!

8 Family Room Decoration Without Sofa, It’s Comfortable!

Everyone is certainly eager to have a habitation feels warm and comfortable, especially to get together with a loving family.  You can make this happen by making a family room decoration without a sofa, which can add a comfortable and familial impression.

In addition, with this decoration, you can also gawcost-effective because there is no need to spend money to buy a sofa that costs more.

8 Family Room Decorations without Sofa

Yuk, check out 8 ideas of family room decoration without sofa berikut, which will definitely make your habitation more comfortable!

1. Family Room Design With Floor Cushion

The first decoration is by using floor cushion or floor cushions as alternatives to sofa replacements. Floor cushion has a smaller size compared to regular sofas so it makes you easier to move it.

In addition, usually the floor cushion has a holster yesng you can replace. So it is easier for you to clean it. If it is bored, you can replace the holster as desired.

2. Scandinavian-Style Design With Bean Bags And Framesi Pretty Photo

Scandinavian-style interior becomes a favorite of many peopleg current. You can also make a family room decoration without a sofa with this theme, loh. Use vinyl floor and add soft carpet. In place of the sofa, you can use a comfortable and padded bean bag. Post some photo frames on the walls of the room untuk beautify your family room.

3. Aesthetic Family Room With Solid Bean Bags And Unique Sofa Pillow

A millennial couple that has a small family of pastesi fit the design of this one’s family room. You can make a family room that is aesthetic by adding a thick bean bag in front of the TV. To make it more comfortable, also add some unique, cushioned sofa cushions. Don’t forget to add a small lighting source with a lamp stand to add a warm impression to the room.

4. Simple Decoration With Soft Blankets And Carpet Comfortable

Simple, but convenient constitutes one concept terrify many people’s dreams. To make a design like this, you only have to roll out a comfortable carpet plus a thick blanket. Add padded cushions to allow relaxation or relaxing baring in the family room.

5. Coastal-Style Design With Swing Seat Fusion And Wooden Chair

This one decoration can make you feel going take a holiday every day. Coastal themes seem to bring the atmosphere of the sea into your dwelling. Use a swing seat with padded cushion instead of a sofa. Then add some side seats of pretty wood or rattan.

6. Minimalist Family Room Decoration With Window Seat

Minimalist concepts are always trying to optimize of every piece of furniture that is in the house. If you have a large window in the family room, take advantage of the place to create a window seat or a window seat.

Make more space on windows approximately 50 cm – 1 m. You only need to add cushions and padded cushions to be able to relax on the window seat while looking at the outside view of the house.

7. Japanese-Style Family Room With Kay Seatsu

Definitely you are familiar with interior design Japanese-style, isn’t it? The room design that often appears on these Japanese cartoons can also be applied in your family room, loh. Use short tables and chairs with a touch of wood to create a warmer atmosphere. Then, choose a chair for the lesson an armrest that is comfortable so as not to cling while sitting.

8. Bohemian-Style Decoration With Motored Floor Cushions And Rattan Swing

You are lovers of Bohemian-style interior styles? Try meneflatten out the design of this one. Use a carpet with a pretty and soft motif. Then add a small table of brightly colored wood as well as a Bohemian-style patterned floor pillow.

To augment the aesthetics of the room, use the swing of rattan with a uniquely patterned pillow. You can also add a variety of festive and unique decorations to the family room. Definitely your family room has become cooler and more comfortable, albeit without a sofa.


Well, so that was 8 family room decorations without sofa that you can make inspiration. Even without a sofa, the family room can still be warm and comfortable, can’t it?

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